Viral Prayer #3

Oh Faithful Father, Today You have humbled me once again. Thank You Lord, reminding me that I have so much more to consider than just myself. And that is precisely what love is. There are so many opinions and ideas floating around and being sent my way Lord. And they have gotten me to ponder … Continue reading Viral Prayer #3


Practicing the presence of God

Recently I worked my way through a bible plan called "Practicing the Presence of God". It just sounded so so apt for something I have struggled with a lot. You see, since I have found God I have enjoyed many joyful moments with Him and with others who follow Him. However, I have often compartmentalized … Continue reading Practicing the presence of God

SOAP Series # 1 – Above and beyond

I started this blog because I wanted to make my faith, in some way, applicable. I wanted to "do" something with it. Before the blog I would do that by writing down note and other things in a journal. One of those other things were my SOAP notes. SOAP is a practical method for studing … Continue reading SOAP Series # 1 – Above and beyond