Character Study: Miriam

The biblical theater is full of interesting people. People who do incredible things, in every sense of the word. There are highly favored, but also highly flawed people in the bible, who can all teach us lessons about what it means to believe in God, to do His work, to be a Christians, to follow … Continue reading Character Study: Miriam


It is finished! – words of love

It is finished... You have probably heard or read those words many times. Jesus says them in John, chapter 19, as he is crucified, right before he dies. They are actually the very last words he says; at least before his resurrection. But I have rarely stopped to think about what they mean. Like so … Continue reading It is finished! – words of love

The power of a quote – Bible style!

Every one loves a good quote. Back when I was a teenager I used to collect them. I had a Word-document with around 400 of them; one- or two-liners with something profound to say, or something that touched my heart. And I am not the only one. You see them everywhere now. On Posters and … Continue reading The power of a quote – Bible style!