Prayer & Meditation Podcasts

Prayer can be a struggle for me because I am very easily distracted. I have found that a guided audio track helps with that a lot, and often they have space where you can fill in your own petitions or personal touches. On other pages you can find the more general podcasts I enjoy as well as the more biblical ones. Here you can listen to my top 4 prayer and meditations podcasts, with honorable mentions below.

Top 4

Praying The Examen is one of the things that has helped me most in my prayer life. It is a prayer-practice where you review your day to become aware of God’s presence. It is a well established practice, and you can find printouts online. But I love putting this on while I’m in bed, and letting Father Martin’s soothing voice guide me through it, along with a weekly meditation.

If you wanted to run a marathon, and you hadn’t run before; you wouldn’t join a weekly lecture series on running marathons. That would not make you a better runner. With The Eternal Current Podcast Aaron Niequist gives us practices we can do, guided by some great new Christian thinkers. (Thinking is not bad, but it is also not enough)

With Slō you get a weekly guided prayer or sacred reading. Always based in scripture, set to gorgeous tranquil music; this podcast is perfect for quiet time. Or even bedtime. I enjoy listening to this while drifting of to sleep. (That is a bigger compliment than you think, and it’s obviously not my only scripture intake)

In a similar vein to Aaron Niequist (Eternal Current) Whitney R. Simpson is all about embodying your faith. In Exploring Peace Meditations she gives us short guided meditations, breath prayers, yoga nidra and many more opportunities to get out of our head, calm down and be present with God.

Honorable Mentions