Generally Progressive Podcasts

Here you find the podcasts I listen to on a regular basis. Other than that they are Christian they don’t have a specific theme. I also listen to podcast that are more bible focused and ones that center on prayer and meditation. Find my top three here, with honorable mentions below!

My top 3

Can I say this @ Church? is one of my absolute favourites: an interview podcast where Seth interviews interesting people who give a range of perspectives on many different topics surrounding Christianity. And as one listener said: Seth’s voice is ASMR Gold! He as a really soothing voice, and what I love most about this podcast is his nuanced outlook that he brings into the conversation.

Nomad Podcast is one of the longest running podcast on the Christian scene. It comes out of the UK, and it is very similar to Can I say this at Church? Being British it is a bit more down to earth than Americans can be, and it does not always have the Evangelical baggage a lot of podcasts deal with.

In the You Have Permission podcast host Dan Koch wants to give listeners permission “to take both Christianity and the modern world very seriously”. And he succeeds in that by bringing in guests from all kinds of backgrouds. He is studying Psychology, and he often brings that scholarly perspective into his conversations.

Honorable Mentions