Biblical Podcasts

I listen to so many podcasts I had to categorize them. Because, while I know which ones are roughly about what, you, dear reader, may need some guidance with that. So on this page you will find the podcasts that are specifically bible related. They may delve into more general topics of faith, but their starting point is the bible. I have also other pages where I share more general podcasts, and podcasts with prayers,practices and meditation. Find my top three biblical podcasts here, with honorable mentions below!

Tim Mackie might be one of my favourite bible scholars, because he is so down to earth, while still having a sense of awe and wonder for the text. On the Bible Project he talks with Jon Collins, and takes us through great themes that span multiple books and shows us patterns that help us see larger pictures within it.
Pete Enns and Jared Byas The Bible for Normal People bring an aweome combination of interviews, individual lessons and discussions on (mainly) biblical topics. With Pete’s signiture snarky sarcasm and Jared’s gift of always bringing it down to the common folk, any topic they tackle will leave you richer and wiser.

N.T. (Tom) Wright is one of the most famous and respected biblical scholars alive today, though he calls himself a historian. On Ask NT Wright Anything listeners send in all kinds of questions regarding the bible and faith that Tom answers in a beautiful and compassionate way. It is brilliantly moderated by Justin Brierly. Ow and it’s British.

Honorable Mentions