Viral prayer #8 – Love in a time like this

Faithful Father up above, Once again I am reminded that You have a sense of humor, Lord. Over the past few days You have spoken to me through two songs, and one of them is a Christmas song. Both songs compliment each other beautifully, since in one I hear a clear call to love others. … Continue reading Viral prayer #8 – Love in a time like this


Viral prayer #6 – Sorry, Thank you, Please

Heavenly Father, I am sorry for my selfishness these past few weeks. I have not considered my neighbours as myself, rather considered only myself and my discomfort. Sorry I have waited too long to contact a worried friend, fearing I would not find the right words to say. But if I kept think of the … Continue reading Viral prayer #6 – Sorry, Thank you, Please

Viral prayer #1

Dear Lord, Faithful and Eternal, Right now it is hard to find You. The world, Your good Creation, is in chaos. It is rife with fear, sickness, worry, frustration, death, exhaustion, disappointment, and above all, uncertainty. We're uncertain about our health And about the health of our loved onesWe don't know what will happen to … Continue reading Viral prayer #1