Prayer of Faith

This morning some things spilled out of my pen as I was taking some time for myself. Something I had not done in quite some time. This prayer/poem is about what we base our faith on; and how we decide whether to trust a God who makes no guarantees. Dear God, So much to live … Continue reading Prayer of Faith


Viral prayer #8 – Love in a time like this

Faithful Father up above, Once again I am reminded that You have a sense of humor, Lord. Over the past few days You have spoken to me through two songs, and one of them is a Christmas song. Both songs compliment each other beautifully, since in one I hear a clear call to love others. … Continue reading Viral prayer #8 – Love in a time like this

Viral prayer #6 – Sorry, Thank you, Please

Heavenly Father, I am sorry for my selfishness these past few weeks. I have not considered my neighbours as myself, rather considered only myself and my discomfort. Sorry I have waited too long to contact a worried friend, fearing I would not find the right words to say. But if I kept think of the … Continue reading Viral prayer #6 – Sorry, Thank you, Please