Viral prayer #8 – Love in a time like this

Faithful Father up above,

Once again I am reminded that You have a sense of humor, Lord. Over the past few days You have spoken to me through two songs, and one of them is a Christmas song. Both songs compliment each other beautifully, since in one I hear a clear call to love others. To ensure, especially now, that we make an effort of showing this love. But we are also faced with the reality that we have far fewer means of showing this love, since we cannot be physically with most of the people we need to show love to. Which is where the second song comes to the rescue.

Father, recently, I came across a post on Facebook, of a man sharing how he had to go to a synagogue to find people who accepted him for who he was. That he loves God and Jesus, but that church has caused him a lot of pain. And he doesn’t know if he can still be a Christian. My heart cried for him so then and there I commented and tried to remind him of Your love for him. That it is people who often think, believe and teach that Your love is somehow conditional. That You cannot love the sinner, that people need to change before You can look upon their faces with grace and love. But that is not true.

Which is when I heard a song called Dear Me, by Nichole Nordeman. In it she writes a letter to her younger self; with all the things she wishes she had known back then. Things she was taught, but has now gotten to know You better and changed her mind about, things she wants to apologize for. Father, the lyrics speak a lot to what the man before faced:

Remember all the rules we made about the Body and the Blood
The hoops we made them jump through
Though He offers it to everyone

Nichole realised somewhere along the way that You give love to every person. You love us, You love him, You love the beggar in the street and the CEO in the corner-office. And Lord, I hope the following lyrics speak to any person who needs to hear them:

There is nothing you could do or say to separate you
From the love of God who made you just exactly as He meant to
And you cannot imagine all the places you’ll see Jesus
But you’ll find Him everywhere you thought He wasn’t supposed to go

Lord, there is so much to pick up on here. But in light of that Facebook post I find it striking that she says we’ll find Jesus everywhere we thought He was not supposed to go. Father, there is not a place in this world where You are not at work. It is not for any person here on earth to decide where You can or cannot be. That gives us hope as we face this period of where our world shrinks to the bare minimum. It gives us hope that even in this weird time of being distant from people, being worried about the future, worried about becoming sick, anxious for loved ones who are or might get sick…. In the midst of that we have the faith that You are working in ways we cannot imagine. and while we go through the grief and lament that we must go through we have the hope that You will work in this mess to bring beauty from these ashes.

But at the same time as we have the hope that YOU are at work, I hear You call us to get to work as well:

Love, love, love, love
Like it’s your own blood
Love, love, love, love
As you have been loved
Love, love, love, love
Like it’s your own blood
Love, love, love, love
As you have been loved

How do we love

As You call us to love, Lord, we are confronted with the fact that many of our usual means of loving, of sharing, of giving time and attention are no longer possible. And then You send me a Christmas song.

Little Drummer Boy is one of my favourite Christmas songs, especially the version by for KING & COUNTRY (see video below). I love its simple message, which is not bound to Christmas at all. A little poor boy has no means to buy a gift for somebody he wants to honor. A little poor boy “only” has a drum, “only” has a loving heart, “only” has willing hands.

Little baby – Pa rum pum pum pum
I am a poor boy too – Pa rum pum pum pum
I have no gift to bring – Pa rum pum pum pum
That’s fit to give a king – Pa rum pum pum pum

Shall I play for you – Pa rum pum pum pum 3x
Mary nodded – Pa rum pum pum pum
The ox and lamb kept time – Pa rum pum pum pum
I played my drum for him – Pa rum pum pum pum

Father, I hear Your voice in it, saying that everybody has something to offer, everybody has a gift to bring to Our King, and by the same token, a gift to bring to the “least of these”. Oh Father, there are so many of the “least of these” now. Everybody needs help right now in one way or another. And that seems overwhelming to us, Lord. How could anything we do ever be enough?

Your response to that question, is this song, Father. In it You tell us that nothing we do to love others is ever too little. When we use whatever means we have to love other, Father, we are sharing in your work. We are Your Hands and Feet in this world; in any and every way we have: be it the hasty meal we cooked for our neighbor, or the awkward card we wrote to a lonely elderly person we have never met. Be it the care doctors and nurses give to the sick or the time we spend with our families. Be it the groceries we get for a family nursing a sick child or parent, or the poems we write to give words to the feelings others cannot express. Be it the drawings children make to cheer up their (grand-)parents or the prayers we offer You for each and every one we love.

All of it is how we share in Your work and every single thing we can do helps and every single thing is enough. SO help us to find ways to love others Lord, and help us to step into the gifts we do have, when everything seems to be not enough.


Watch the official lyric video for Dear Me by Nichole Nordeman
Watch Little Drummer Boy by for KING & COUNTRY


One thought on “Viral prayer #8 – Love in a time like this

  1. Thank you! He loves and died for all people and I don’t think there will ever be a time where we can share this enough. It’s so easy to voice our own opinion and have the inner “pharisee” in us that can run people in the opposite direction of Christ but we’d have to go back to the mirror and view our own logs. Thank you for sharing God’s love in these words. It’s light is a dark world but thats exactly where it can shine the brightest. I’m grateful!


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