Viral prayer #6 – Sorry, Thank you, Please

Heavenly Father,

I am sorry for my selfishness these past few weeks. I have not considered my neighbours as myself, rather considered only myself and my discomfort. Sorry I have waited too long to contact a worried friend, fearing I would not find the right words to say. But if I kept think of the right words, it might never happen… Lord I’m sorry. This is not about me, and I am sorry I have not been able to see past that.

But I know that You are with me, and You are still working. Thank You Lord, for the amazing people who keep the hospitals running, who heal and care for the sick. Thank you for prudent leadership in so many organisations, from national governments, to hospital administrators and teachers. Thank you lord for people who help in any way they are able. Whether that is sending a card to an elderly person, or calling a lonely acquaintance, or finding new ways to share community online. Thank You for all the good that you still create.

Lord I ask that you please bless the hospital staff globally, with persistance, stamina and the strengthe to carry us through. Lord, we are praying for a stretched out timeline. Help us to keep our distance from our neighbors lord, so that we may indeed flatten the curve lord. Help us to stay connected, even when we find jt hard to pick up the phone. Help us, remind us, nudge us to do what You created us for; loving one another.



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