Viral prayer #4

Dear God,

Let the Father, the Son, and the Spirit, have mercy on different aspects of our lives, each affected by this virus. Let them guide us through by the sign of the cross.

Oh Holy Father, bless our heads, our minds, our thoughts and our ideas, in the name of the Father. Inspire us with your wisdom and goodness so that we can remember and have hope. Hope is as much about the past as it is about the future. Our Hope is based on our experience of You Lord; it is based on what You have already accomplished in our lives. So, in the name of the Father, let us remember today what goodness you have already brought into our lives, and let that guide us to hope that You will lead us through.

In the name of the Son, bless our reflexes, our instincts and our reactions. Bless us with patience and wisdom as we respond to the people around us. Our fuses grow shorter as we are stuck in our homes with our families for days on end. And as our fuses grow shorter, so does our temper. Lord, let us give grace to the people around us, who have been cooped up just like us. As we are all getting used to the new status quo, give us patience, give us grace. Help us to take time alone when we need it. Help us to practice self-care, to not override the instincts to withdraw because it might seem rude or out of place. Oh Lord, in the Name of the Son, help us to give grace to one another.

In the name of the Spirit, bless our hearts. Soften them, and open our eyes to the people around us. Let us look with love and compassion on our loved ones, even as they get on our nerves. But equally, open our hearts and eyes to the people who could use our help. Spirit, guide us to where we can be of use now. Let that be a new way to spend time, to get out of the house, to connect with different people. Oh Lord, let Your Spirit guide us.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit,



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