Viral Prayer #3

Oh Faithful Father,

Today You have humbled me once again. Thank You Lord, reminding me that I have so much more to consider than just myself. And that is precisely what love is.

There are so many opinions and ideas floating around and being sent my way Lord. And they have gotten me to ponder questions of what faith is and how it relates to my own actions, agency and responsibility. And then also how it relates to Your agency, Lord and how you work in the world.

I hear people saying that we should not fear, that we should have faith. I know they don’t mean it always like this, but often I feel like they are saying that if I am worried that I don’t have faith enough. Often it is said in response to the advice that government and people much wiser than us give us, to keep our distance.

For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline.

2 Tim 1:7 (NLT)

This verse from 2nd Timothy is one I see a lot now, Lord, especially in this context of faith and fear. Often it is used as a flag, as a way to show the world how confident they are. While in the process making people who are (justifiably) worried feel judged and like they don’t have faith enough.

So Lord, I pray that in this verse people will also heed the call for self-discipline. We need the self-discipline to keep our social distance. Because that is actually the loving thing to do. We don’t want to risk others getting sick, or spreading it further. And we need a lot of strength to do this. We need strength to deny our own needs for the benefit of others.

I heard earlier today that if even 10% or 15% of the people are not following this advice the virus could spike, totally overwhelming hospitals. Faith doesn’t take that statistic away, nor do You. Faith to me, is that You are with me. That You are working in the world now, in the many many people who are standing up for others. In the people who are going above and beyond what they do normally. A quote comes to mind:

St Teresa

I hear such a call in that to do what is right, Lord. To help others in any way that is currently possible. And I see so many of Your hand and feet at work. Your children are working hard to make this better. By caring for the sick, by caring for the poor, for the hungry, for the lonely. Lord there are so many good people doing good work. Lord, Your spirit inspires us to look around us and see who could use our help. You are redirecting our gazes to people around us, to people we hadn’t considered in a while, and You give us new ways of connecting. Thank you for working in the midst of our mess.



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