Viral prayer #2

Eternally Faithful Lord,

Today I humbly come to You. I don’t know why this virus is happening. I don’t know what is going to happen in the weeks to come. Are things going to get worse? Are we overreacting? Only time will tell, but You, oh Lord, are above it all.

But even though You are above, so You are in the middle of our mess. I see Your face in the amazing nurse that is pulling extra shifts because colleagues are sick and more and more patients are flooding in. I see You in the woman buying groceries for her elderly neigjbour. I see You in the team-manager who is trying to motivate his co-workers through a screen, while at the same time homeschooling two monkeys that have way too much energy and don’t like being caged in. I see You in the teenagers who are bored, and actually go outside now.

Lord, thank you for being with us. For comforting us in our troubled times, even if we don’t always know that You are. Your Spirit guides us to places and thoughts we could not have found on our own.

There is so much we don’t know, and so much we cannot conceive of yet. Somehow the world has changed, almost irrevocably so, in a matter of weeks. But what we will be facing next week, we don’t know. Even more unclear is what next month will bring. We cannot see past the most immediate, the most important and urgent issues in front of us. So many of the plans we made grow ever more unlikely. We don’t deal well with that.

I don’t deal well with that. Because I cannot meet people. And I need people, fysical people Lord. You made us that way Lord, for each other. And this somehow feels like cruel and unusual punisment. Solitary confinement doesn’t exist for no reason… And then I think of things to do, find myself excited again, when I slump back down realizing that euther that store is closed, or no I won’t be able to meet my friend, and no I can’t go for a nice cup of coffee somewhere in town.

These moments of dispair, Lord, mingle with moments of joy and renewed hope. Crises like these bring people together. I truely do believe yhay when we get out of this and look back, we will cherish our friends and family so much more. These times will test us. But I already see so many people rising to the challenge by caring for others, helping them, sharing time with them in whatever way possible. My faith in Humanity is being restored. And though I cannot pinpoint to any specific thing, Your fingerprints are all over this.

God, You are the Heart of us, the very best part of us. You are what makes us Good. Thank you!



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