Viral prayer #1

Dear Lord, Faithful and Eternal,

Right now it is hard to find You. The world, Your good Creation, is in chaos. It is rife with fear, sickness, worry, frustration, death, exhaustion, disappointment, and above all, uncertainty.

We’re uncertain about our health
And about the health of our loved ones
We don’t know what will happen to our jobs
Or how social distancing is really supposed to help. We worry about our mental health
And about where this is all going
We argue about what we should and should not do
And how long this will last
We shudder when we think about how our actions affect every single person around us and their health

We worry if we are carefull enough
And at other times
We think the world is overreacting

Lord, I don’t know what to believe

Sometimes I believe that You will pull us out of the mess. Other times I believe that You will use this virus, to help us change our ways. And then I hear people saying that You caused this to happen. That you are punishing us. But that is something I cannot believe.

You are Good and Loving before You are Almighty. You sacrificed yourself for us, by humbling Yourself before us, by becoming like us. You shunned Your might, but kept Your Love. You give Yourself to us, and in that sacrifice You give us Faith.

The faith that in dark times You are Immanuel: God with us. Even if we cannot see You, let us trust that You are there. Just as close as the breath we take and the beat of our hearts. You are closer still. You live in us, so close that we sometimes forget. Like the fish that forget what water is.

Lord, please hold us. Comfort us now in these dark uncertain times. You have created us for relationship, for community. But with the virus and measures in the air, we now have to redefine how we live that out.

So Lord, let Your Holy Spirit inspire us with new ways to refresh our faith. New ways to support one another, love one another. New ways to gather, new ways to learn, new ways to teach. New ways to grow closer to You and to each other. We have to redefine a lot of things in our life right now Lord. And we don’t know if we will ever get back to how it was a few short weeks ago.

Please Lord, give us time, give us inpiration. Let us use them to refresh our Faith. Enable us each to take the time we need. Help us take care of ourself, to recharge. Bless us with self-knowledge, to know what we need and when.

Bless us, so that we may once again share Your work for Your Good Creation.

Bless us, so that we may once again bless others.



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