Struggling to struggle

I am struggling NOT to apologize for my inconsistency with this blog. But I know God has given me a path to travel; and, apparently, for the better part of the last year, that path has not included this blog. However, it has included struggling and wrestling with God, with the Bible, with myself, with who I am and who He made me; but also with who He is, with His story and the story of His people. And most of all; I have struggled with allowing myself to struggle.

But along my journey I have learned that God does not mind my struggle one bit. So with the posts to follow I’d love to show you that when you struggle with your ideas, faith and assumptions, it can actually help you to find a deeper, more personal, more relevant God.

I have been doing a lot of studying about the bible lately. I had so many questions: 

  • how was it written,
  • who wrote it,
  • what is it, 
  • why was it written,
  • why is it important.

And those questions led to more questions; 

  • what story is it telling,
  • how do I interpret it,
  • how do others interpret it,
  • how are people and pastors teaching it,
  • what does it say about God and other things
  • what does it Not say about those things…

And finally:

  • what do I do with it. 

Yesterday, while I was on my bike I was asking God th is very question, what do I do with the Bible and all these wonderful new things that I have learned and am still learning.

‘Share it’

He said, so that is what I’ll do. 


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