A filter for my soul

My life has a lot of ups and downs lately. At work I’m facing uncertainty, and at home my highs come with more responsibility, which sometimes scare me. Making sense of my circumstances is not always easy, nor is finding God in the middle of them. But then God does come to the rescue.

Side note; it’s funny how I used to think unexpected helpful thoughts or situations were coincidences. Now I call them God.


Rescue in this case came by way of a podcast I was randomly listening to: Exploring My Strange Bible by Tim Mackie. The topic of choice for this episode was Hebrews chapter 6. The famous verse 19 comes from here:

This hope is a strong and trustworthy anchor for or souls.

Hebrew 6:19

Tim puts the verse back in it’s original context by highlighting and explaining earlier Bible passages, which I love. But what stuck with me most from his talk was his explanation of an anchor:

The point of an anchor is not that you don’t go through storms. Rather an anchor is precisely for when storms come; so that you are not swept away. (Paraphrase)

The anchor I get to hold onto is the hope. Because God didn’t just promise to bless, He swore an oath, twice over. And God cannot lie. So during my time of doubt and uncertainty I can hold on to the oath of blessing God gave. I see it as a positive outlook that things will get better in the long run, because God promised they would.


Unfortunately my human brain has not yet figured out how to put that hope as a permanent filter over my thoughts. (Wouldn’t that be awesome!) So, sometimes I find myself going down a dark thought spiral. I start with my situation and my thoughts and imagination take me to disaster, leaving me depressed and scared.

When I become aware of those spirals I try leading them back; often by looking at this verse. I often pray too, asking God to forgive me for forgetting His promises. When I do that, though, I feel I am already forgiven and His peace and hope wash over me.

If only I could turn on the filter in the first place, then my doubt would not even get hold.


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